A Minamoto No Yorimitsu puppy

We are proud to say we comply with the breeding regulations of the Nippon Inu and through this also the FCI.

Buying a puppy with pedigree will not mean this puppy is bred the right way, this just says mommy and daddy have a pedigree. The most important thing is that both mommy and daddy are tested for HD, knee and eye deseases. Also make sure you your puppy is bred inside the comfort of a home and not in a shed. Ask to see mommy and daddy.

The puppies born at Minamoto no Yorimitsu will be bred inside our home and will be in contact with all the things that happen in and around the house.

2015 iphone 175They will meet other dogs, animals and childeren, but will also come in contact with vacuumcleaners, cars and so on.

Dogs we use for breeding will all be tested for HD, Patella luxation, and eyedeseases.
They will leave our home fully vaccinated and with all required papers.