A new puppy

!! Warning !!

Always buy a puppy from a respected and registered breeder. A good breeder tests the parents of upcoming litters on hips, knees and eyes and will proudly show you all the papers.

A small piece of advice for you as buyer. Always make sure you have a good feeling when you meet your breeder. It is very important to have the feeling you can always contact your breeder with any questions or idea’s. If a breeder asks you loads of questions, this is a good thing. It tells you the breeder only wants the best for the puppy. After all a puppy should be brought up with a lot of love and care and a good breeder won’t just give anyone a puppy. In some cases your breeder will even visit your home to check out the envirement the puppy gets to live in.

If you have any questions about the Akita please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Small warning

The Akita is not just a dog, please be aware of their personality before you buy one. They look so soft and fluffy, but can be a real handfull.