A peek into the mind of the Akita

Obedience training is a struggle for almost every Akita owner, but don’t let anyone tell you your Akita is dumb. There are some researchers that put the Akita all the way down on the list concerning intelligence. These researchers are wrong. Most likely they based their study on the results of obedience exams and thought that the dogs that did best, were the most intelligent. The Akita just doesn’t listen to every command, just the ones they choose to. You have to ask yourself if you want a dog that does anything you ask or a dog with his own mind like the Akita.



Raiko (995)Ever saw this before:
Heel (border collie): Yes boss, right away boss, like this boss?, what now boss?

Heel (Akita): What? Again? Listen we did this already, i showed you already that i know what you want from me. Now lets go to the poodle I told you about last week. Oh and since you are listening anyway, the food you give me is disgusting, it tasts like dogfood.

Wait and who is that on the other side off the road, carrying a stick. Go and stand safely behind me untill i know the coast is clear.

What?? Bring you the stick? You must be kidding me? You threw it away so if you want it back, go and get it yourself.

My gosh what an idiot you are.

But…. where did the poodle go??

Very stubborn dogs, the Akita. A real pain in the butt for the obedience trainer,  but if you hold on, have patience and keep being consequent you can get the most wonderfull companion and that feeling is AMAZING.