About us

Minamoto no Yorimitsu is an Akita kennel, run bij Peter and Petra. The kennel is placed in the Netherlands.

I will tell you about us and how we met this beautifull but stubborn breed.

As a child we both knew we wanted dogs, but both our parents did not agree so we both desided we were going to get a dog when we grew up. One day in april 1999 we met eachother and soon after we desided we would never be apart again, so in 2004 we bought our own home and soon enough we started talking about getting a dog. Sadly though in today’s economy there is no way just one of us could work, so a puppy didnt seem like a good idea at the time. A few years went by, but the idea of having a dog never went far away.

Time and time again I (Petra) found myself searching the internet for dogs, especially Husky because we really liked them at the time. We thought long and hard, talked with our family and desided to do some more research on the breed. Soon enough i started reading about the difficulty of having a Husky and not having enough time to work with him. As you may know, Husky’s tend to break down your entire home if you don’t work with them enough and with both our fulltime jobs that just was not an option.

Then while searching the internet I read something about an Akita. Never heard about it, i read it kind off looks like a Husky and acts like a Husky but doesn’t need the kind of work a Husky needs. I entered ‘Akita’ into the Google search engine and my heart literallly skipped a beat. Wow, what a beautifull creature, So majestic and calm, just what we were looking for.

A new search began. I needed to know more about this beautifull breed, that we both instantly fell in love with. I started reading as much as possible and we made an appointment with a breeder to meet the breed and learn even more about it. After a long talk we were sure, the Akita was our dream.

After the decission we wanted an Akita, another year or so went by and i read even more about them. We visited shows and met other breeders.

Eventually Raiko crossed our path and we fell in live with him instantly. Now years later we never regret our decission and even started our own kennel, trying to improve the health, character and looks of this magnificant breed.

At this moment we are the proud owners of 3 gorgeous Akita’s: Raiko, Miki and Akemi